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Early Childhood/Preschool



Marion County Public Schools is accepting preschool applications for the 2020-21 school year. Those interested can download a copy of the Preschool/Headstart Application by clicking here. Completed applications can be submitted to Marilyn Gribbins at the Marion County Board of Education.


Amy Willis, Early Childhood Director
Marion County Public Schools
755 East Main Street
Lebanon, KY  40033




Preschool Registration

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For those parents wanting to register for preschool and the child's birthday is making you ask if they are eligible......I am enclosing information to help clear up that question.

School Year





Age 4 on or before 8/1/2015 

Date of Birth: 8/2/2010-8/1/2011

Age 4 on or before 8/1/2016

Date of Birth:


Age 4 on or before 8/1/2017 

Date of Birth: 8/2/2012-8/1/2013


Age 5 on or before 10/1/2015


Date of Birth: 10/2/2009-10/1/2010

Age 5 on or before



Date of Birth: 10/2/2010-10/1/2011

Age 5 on or before 8/1/2017 


Date of Birth: 8/2/2011-8/1/2012


Nontraditional Day

Preschool Parents,

Enclosed on the website  you will find the Nontraditional Day activity sheets.  Please keep us updated on any problems or fun times your child had completing the readiness activities.  We will be asking the children how they liked their day too!!




Kindergarten Registration

Preschool parents,

Just a reminder that all currently enrolled preschool students will need to be registered on Februrary 19, 2016 from 12:00 pm. to 6:00 p.m. at the school they will be attending in the Fall of 2016.  You will find a registration form on the website.  Feel free to bring to the registration-where your child will be screened.  If any questions pertaining to the registration please talk with your child's teacher or call the Central Office at 270-692-3721 extension 243.




Play, Learn, and Grow together!






Marion County Preschool and Lunch Program 2 Bite Club

Marion County Preschool and Lunch Program held their monthly meeting for January.  The students were able to taste fruits (strawberries and blueberries).  It was a huge hit.  Ms. Sparrow discussed how fruits help our body and mind!  The club members also received club shirts to be worn each month on club day!  Thanks to the lunch program for showing the preschoolers how important what we eat is to our body and mind!!!  *Pictures of the day are in the picture gallery.

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Preschool Classrooms 2 Bite Club

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Students in all preschool classrooms are participating in a 2 Bite Club.  This club is a collaboration with the Lunch Program and Preschool classrooms.  Each month a study and test taking takes place with the lunchrooms.  At this time we have tasted grains and fruit.  At the completion of our club meetings-in April- students will receive a certificate for completing at least 2 bites of different foods to determine if they like it yes or don't like it no!



Early Childhood Program

Amy Willis, Early Childhood Director

Marilyn Gribbins, Assistant