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School History

Glasscock was ready for the opening of the 1949-50 school year. Previously, the students had attended one of ten rural one- or two-room schools. Glasscock was named for A.C. Glasscock, who was a member of the school board and had taken an active interest in promoting the new school project.

Glasscock was referred to at the time as “one of the most modern and attractive in a rural school system” in this section of the state. The local newspaper stated “the handsome structure will accommodate about 400 students, have at least 12 classrooms, adequate office space, a cafeteria, a library, and if the cost is not prohibitive, a combination gymnasium and auditorium (which they did). It will be built of brick and will incorporate a central heating system and modern plumbing. The lot on which it will be erected was acquired from Ora Veatch and comprises of about 45 acres, assuring abundant playground facilities. Pupils who have been attending the small schools will be transported to the new one by bus and, of course, will enjoy facilities never available to them before.” The cost of the new school was about $250,000.

In 1954, an addition including two classrooms, a new cafeteria and expansion to the library was added. The annex, which houses two classrooms, was also added at the time.

When Glasscock first opened, it had grades 1-8. In 1971, MCHS opened and the 7th and 8th grades moved to the junior high school. Kindergarten was added in 1976. In 1985, the 6th grade was moved to the middle school and pre-school was added. In 2002, we began to have all day kindergarten and the pre-school moved to LES. In 2003, construction for another new addition began and was competed in 2005. This new addition included 10 new classrooms, a library media center, office area, and a fine arts suite (music and art room). Along with this addition, the existing building was completely renovated, including new bathrooms for students and staff. The school now serves approximately 430 students in grades K-5 and approximately 40 additional students in preschool.