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Paul Terrell

          Calvary Elementary School…The Best Place to Be


 Welcome to Calvary Elementary School-Home of the Dragons! At CES we pride ourselves on providing students with a top notch education in a family atmosphere. Our staff is trained in many high yield instructional strategies including Kagan (a cooperative group learning approach) and focuses their teaching on researched based strategies proven to grow each student. Our small school environment is optimal for student growth and development. 

How We Do School

All of our classrooms use small group instruction to teach reading and math skills. This is possible due to the scheduling of classroom teachers and instructional assistants in the building. We make small group learning a priority and feel that it is one of the key strategies we use that helps us meet student needs. The groups allow us to focus on individual needs, give specific feedback, and help our students fully understand processes and gain knowledge. Another key strategy we use is standards based grading system. This grading approach allows us to dig deep into students’ understanding of each grade level standard and determine whether they have mastered the standard, are progressing towards a standard, or need more instruction to have a better grasp. Students and teachers at Calvary Elementary work to have a growth mindset because we know that mistakes happen along the way and feedback towards our goals will grow us into stronger individuals. 

Doesn’t end at 3:05

Calvary Elementary offers a wide variety of after school programming to enrich our students and offer learning that takes place beyond the classroom. We offer different activities in the fall and spring of each school year. Some of the activities include: 

* Book Clubs

* Science Club with a focus on robotics

* Arts and Humanities (dance, drama, and art)

* Fitness Club

* Tutoring

* Cooking Class

* Girls on the Run

* Academic Team

* STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program)

* World Cultures

We also offer a FREE to ALL students after school meal right before clubs start! 


                                                   Lead. Love. Learn. Serve.

Leader in Me

The Leader in Me culture has been a part of Calvary Elementary School since 2015. We have a school culture focused on the 7 Habits of Happy Students. We start each day with a student led morning meeting to get us ready and focused (and maybe a little pepped up too!). Students have Leadership Binders that track their progress, personal goals, celebrations, and their contributions to our school and community. At CES we have W.I.G.S (Wildly Important Goals). We strive to meet these goals throughout the year and celebrate our accomplishments. The 7 Habits of Happy Kids teach us life ready skills in the area of leadership. 

Calvary Elementary has been awarded as a High Progress, Distinguished, School of Distinction. We ranked in the top 99th percentile of all schools in the state of Kentucky. We are currently listed as 25 out of 700 elementary schools. We feel honored that we can come to work in a place that focuses on students’ happiness as our main concern. Calvary Elementary School’s mission is for students to “Find their Future and Grow into Leaders” 


P.S. We also have REALLY good lunches ;)  



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