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About Us

Welcome to Calvary Elementary School!
          Tucked in the rolling hills of Marion County- Calvary Elementary is home to over 250 students and their families! Do to our small size CES has the atmosphere of family, friends, and learners on a mission to improve ourselves and to always give our very best! Teachers pride themselves on their student- centered classrooms- not only with brightly colored walls, student recognitions, and shelves full of fantastic books- but an intentional approach to meet each student where they are at, find ways to engage each learner, and turn goals into successes!
            We proudly offer a tremendous focus on not only classroom learning but deeply care about each child learning about the world around them! Our learners receive outstanding physical education lessons three times a week, a dedicated arts program that includes arts, drama, and music, and afterschool opportunities like Family Resource Programs, Dance Lessons, Academic Team, Student Technology Leadership Program, and more!
            Please feel free to learn about our school first hand through participation in our PTO program or volunteering in one of our classrooms!
Finding Our Future - Growing Our Leaders


Calvary Elementary School strives to grow successful, confident, independent, 21st century leaders within a global community.


We can...

  • Give our best to ourselves and others
  • Gain excellence in our school and community
  • "Goal Set" and work to achieve those goals
  • Grow into our full potential and talents
  • Guatantee a safe and loving environment
  • Guide life-long learning and leadership