District News

Northern Kentucky University Trailblazer Award

On September 29 in Somerset, Tammy May was presented with the Northern Kentucky University Trailblazer Award for Mathematics Education. She is shown here with Alice Gabbard, the Senior Director of the Kentucky Center for Mathematics. Tammy has served as the Math Interventionist at Lebanon Elementary School since 2008.

New tools to use RIT scores to find free educational resources

RIT to Resource is a website that helps you find open educational resources based on a student’s RIT. It also shows you educational content aligned to standards, and provides a projection of college readiness for students in grade 8 and above.

RIT to Resource is designed to work on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

They've also partnered with Khan Academy to provide you with an easy way to find math resources based on a student’s goal RIT score. You can find these new resources here.

Coach's Corner Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 1

The start of the 2014-2015 school year has brought new faces and great excitement into our facilities, but most of all it has delivered great learning opportunities for the students of Marion County. In this newsletter, only a small sector of learning events are highlighted; nonetheless students are off to a soaring start that can only end in one result: SUCCESS! Click here to read the full newsletter.

Lebanon Elementary School Reading Recovery Program

In May 2014, Lebanon Elementary School distributed six books and a writing journal to each student along with a Summer Reading Challenge. Students were encouraged to read and write about at least books during the summer months. Students were promised a reward of a picnic and fun and games if they returned to school in the fall with a completed journal of at least six entries.

Upon returning to school this Fall, Lebanon Elementary School rewarded 110 students that read 724 books to a Reading Celebration Back to School Picnic.  Eighteen former Reading Recovery students earned the reward and were able to attend the picnic. Reading Recovery instills a lifelong love of Reading! Pictured front row from left are Aubrey Price, Elizabeth Spurling, Rashaud Brown, Tavarious Bryant, and Evan Brown. Middle row Brooklyn Thomas, Chanse Smith, Neveah Penn, and Layne Ramey. Back row Ms. Mary Leo Wimsatt, teacher, Rhea Fisher, Daylee Jaglowicz, Clayton Whitlock, Abby Clark, Mashayla Furmon, Tyler Smith, Tiffany Brady, Hannah Gaither, and Mrs. Melissa Murphy, Teacher. Absent from the photo is Shelby Craig. 

Notice of Vacant Marion County Board of Education Seat


The Kentucky Commissioner of Education is seeking applicants to be considered for appointment to the Marion County Board of Education. You are invited to nominate yourself or someone you know who is qualified to serve on the Marion County Board of Education representing:

  • Educational Division #5

This vacancy was created by a resignation. Under the provisions of KRS 160.190 (2), this appointment is effective until

  • the November 2015 regular election.

This is a public service position and the person appointed will not be employed by the Marion County Public School District.

2014-15 Marion County Student Ambassadors

Congratulations to the very first class of Marion County Student Ambassadors!

  1. Paige Buckman
  2. Dylan Cambron
  3. Katie Elmore
  4. Alyssa Farmer
  5. Emily Ford
  6. Rachel Gootee
  7. Anne Kaitlyn Gribbins
  8. Jeni Hall
  9. Lydia Howlett
  10. Travis Hullemeier
  11. Paris Manson
  12. Leah Mudd
  13. Jarie Newby
  14. Matthew Newcome
  15. Megan Newton
  16. Brady Spalding
  17. Curt Spalding
  18. Kaitlyn Spalding
  19. Laura Jo Spalding
  20. Robbie Spalding
  21. Leah Thompson
  22. TJ Veatch
Summer Professional Development Survey Results

Over the summer Marion County Public Schools held several professional development sessions for teachers and staff. After all sessions ended teachers were asked to participate in a survey. To view the results of the survey, click here.